Review: Seducing Mr. Storm by Poppy Summers

30 November 2013

Title: Seducing Mr. Storm
Author: Poppy Summers
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My ratings: 5 Stars

A regency erotic romance by Poppy Summers. Published by Xcite Books winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

In the late 1700s, Susanna Seymour’s mother is very keen to find a husband for her younger sister, Lucy, while Susanna is considered on the shelf at 27. Enter their neighbour arrived from London, the dashing and irreverent Elijah Storm, who makes his admiration plain for Susanna from the start. Susanna is not looking for a husband and is keen to make sure Lucy bags the bachelor, but things don't go quite to plan. Elijah is frank in his desire to have Susanna’s sexual services, and she believes by giving him what he wants, he will lose all interest in her. The price of it is his agreement to marry her sister. But with passions ignited, what will happen when Susanna seduces Mr Storm

Oh, why is it so hard to write about one of your favorite book? I really like it and I want others to like it and read it, but I know that no matter what I write here it won't be enough to do the book justice. It makes me sad that such a lovely story isn't more popular.  This is the third time that I read this book this year and I will definitely read it again.

When Elizabeth Seymour found out that a single man of large fortune had arrived  at their neighborhood, she started making plans to marry him with her younger daughter Lucy. As for Susanna, at 27 she was already considered too old for marriage. Susanna used to read a lot and she rejected her suitors, because she was waiting for a romantic hero. Ah, foolish girl, but at the end she got what she hoped for. Unfortunately for Mrs. Seymour Mr.Storm and Susanna are insanely attracted to each other from the first moment they met. Mr. Storm makes it clear from the beginning that he wants Susanna, but she believes that his interest for her is purely sexual and she decides that one night with him would be worth being ruined forever and to make sure he marries her sister. And the drama begins…

Elizabeth and Lucy are totally dull and empty-headed, I didn't like them at all. What I liked most about this book was the main characters Susanna and Mr. Storm. They are both shameless with  their  naughty, provocative  remarks and share the passion for voyeurism. Perfect for each other. Their little adventures made me smile and  cry at the same time. This is a perfect book for those who enjoy  romance, you can read it in one breath and have a lot of fun!

My favorite naughty quotes:

„ Oh God, let this dinner be over soon so she could hurry away and pleasure herself over her new neighbour.“

„Why, Mrs Seymour, you’re a lady after my own heart. I’ve ridden into more social occasions uninvited than I’ve had hot dinners.“

„He isn’t suitable husband material.’ Only suitable masturbation material, she added silently…“

„But I find anticipation to be part of the fun, and I know soon you’ll be begging me for it, Miss Seymour. At that time, I’ll be happy to service your three holes any way you require.“

„…if you don’t stop pressing yourself so suggestively against my aching prick, I’ll be forced to throw you over the nearest table and have my way with you, and all these people be damned.“

„You have nothing to offer me but a hard prick, Mr Storm!“



  1. Oh I really do love that title! I hadn't heard of this before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    1. Oh I'm gIad! I fell in love with this book. I hope you'll like it too, let me know your thoughts after you finish reading it!