~Review Policy~

      UPDATE:  We are not accepting review requests until further notice.

Behind this blog are two friends, Whiskey and Bailey's, book lovers from Croatia. 
All reviews posted here include our personal thoughts about the books.
We cant guarantee it will always be a positive review, however it will be an honest one.
Our rating will go from One to Five as that is the Goodreads rating system.
All books that we review were either purchased, won in a contest, borrowed from friends, libraries or sent for review. 
We are not paid for writing reviews!
We accept digital copies, but are more inclined towards physical ones.

Before requesting a review please check out preferences:

Reviews will be posted here @ Unladylike Reviews, Amazon,The Book Depository, Goodreads. 
They will also be promoted via Twitter and G +.

For any additional information or review requests you can contact us via email:



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