~About Us~

 Baileys  is a 22 years old student of Italian language and literature from Croatia. She started reading books at very young age, and she will keep on while she is breathing.
Her taste varies among young adult, contemporary, romance, paranormal, chick-lit, spirituality and dystopia.
She is usually a good girl but sometimes she enjoys reading twisted, taboo, thought provoking and mindfucking books.
 Oh, she also has 13 cats, loves nature and learning foreign languages.
Not to forget the most important thing: Baileys is addicted to chocolate   and loves her fictional boyfriends.

My name is Dorothy aka Whiskey 
Physical therapist by day, bookish fiend by night
When not reading books, I read manga, watch anime and various tv-shows (what is social life?)  sometimes I rollerblade

My favorite thing to listen to is Welcome To Night Vale podcast, and BBC Radio 4 dramas.
The one responsible for  maintenance and design of this blog is yours truly,  if you need help don't hesitate to contact me :)

My favorite book genre is adventure; anything with pirates, assassins and strong women who can handle themselves and you can bet your ass I will be there.


  1. "bičz" moram reć...sve pohvale i ZAKON zAKON vam je blog totalni update stila i opcija samo tako!!

    1. Yeah, you can thank the style to me. I'm constantly updating it :P