Review: Unexpected Love by Charlene M. Martin

30 December 2013

Title: Unexpected Love (Unexpected #1)
Author: Charlene M. Martin
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My rating: 3 stars

Someone has watched her every move...

Throughout Arissa's life, she has experienced disturbing cold chills running down her spine, the kind that let a person know something is not quite right. For as long as she can remember, she has sensed she is being watched, but has been utterly unsuccessful in finding the person responsible for making her doubt her sanity. Her hope is that in moving away to college she will have a fresh start and a chance to find herself.

After years spent watching her, now he is developing strong feelings for her. That was never part of the plan, never his intention. Ideally, she would remain unaware of his presence in her life. Of course, life rarely unfolds, as it should. The best-laid plans often unravel. And the best kind of love is completely unexpected.

I have a mixed feelings about this book . After so many good reviews I expected it to be much better, but still it wasn't so bad and I wonder how things will develop further between Arissa and her mysterious guardian Angel. According to the book 's prologue this is a paranormal story, but to me it seemed quite normal while I was reading it, just a couple of unusual things happened when Arissa needed rescuing. There were some unexpected turns in the plot that I totally saw coming, although I must admit that I was quite shocked at the end and now I'm dying to see what will happen next.

The story is written from Arissa's POV although here and there we get POV of her mysterious guardian Angel, mainly while Arissa is in danger or with a boyfriend , and her guardian always has a panic or jealous attack. I felt sorry for him, to look everyday what you can't have. But it was never easy for Arissa too with that constant feeling that she is being watched. Really creepy!

She is really mischievous girl and it was fun to be in her head , the only thing I do not like about her is her need to please her parents in everything. It was easy to connect with her. Arissa is a character that is really easy to love. I'm sorry for everything that she has endured because of a jealous boyfriend . She is very young and naive. Luckily she has a hot guardian who watches over her non-stop . I wish I could have one.

Unfortunately, in this book, their relationship comes down largely to her erotic dreams in which he plays a major role. I'm truly looking forward to continuation of their story.

All in all it was an easy read to relax and let your mind wander.



  1. I don't feel super keen to this book from the sounds of it. A jealous boyfriend and a jealous guardian angel? Well... I don't know how many pages are devoted to describing the relationship between those three, but I suspect it would annoy me a great deal :/

  2. Love your blog title! Thanks for the visit :)