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07 January 2014

Unexpected Destiny (Unexpected, #2)
Title: Unexpected Destiny (Unexpected #2)
Author: Charlene M. Martin
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After experiencing a life-altering event, it changes everything. Arissa Perry's outlook on life and what is most important to her. Leaving her devastated and seeking comfort in the one place, she truly feels safe, those strong comforting arms and calming green eyes. 

This time is different. 
This time he is here and not just a figment of her dreams. 
This will change everything. 

Just when things feel perfect, it gets complicated. The one person she believed she knew is not who she thought. Will she still want him, when his secret is revealed? Her life will take some dramatic, unforeseen turns that lead to her Unexpected Destiny and Arissa must choose- fight or fail?


**A copy of this book was provided by author in an exchange for an honest review**


This book appealed to me more than the previous one. The story continues where the previous one ended, with attempted rape that forever changed Arissa's life. We finally get to know her mysterious guardian Angel Christian.
I liked their first meeting, somewhat reminded me of the author's first meeting with future husband, as I had read in her biography. It was really sweet. I liked it.


Arissa finally meets her dream man-literally. Christian is the perfect guy, he always knows what she wants and it seems as if he can read her mind. Arissa has no idea who is he and can't guess why he understand her so well. She finds it a little weird at first, but she doesn't question it much.

I am not sure why I feel this way about him, maybe it’s the fact that he is literally my dream guy, but this attraction I feel is so strong and I kind of like the way he looks at me. It’s like I am precious to him.


At the beginning Arissa is little hesitant because of what happened to her, she feels it is not the right time to start a relationship. The girl follows her head more than she follows her heart and it is one of the few things I don't like about her. Otherwise it's pretty fun to be in her head, she made me smile countless times. I liked her friendly relationship with mother, it reminded me of my relationship with my mother. It's great when your mom is your close friend.

Christian is truly romantic, so many times I wanted to be in her shoes. I missed the romance in the first book and I'm glad they have finally met and fell in love in a real life, not only in their dreams as before. I really like the way Christian respects her and her wishes, but that one thing he did really drove me crazy. Poor Arissa, I sympathized with her the entire book. But the things she did because of that were really funny to read.

The reason why I did not give this book more star is that this is a paranormal erotica, but somehow m I didn't find it believable. It seems quite normal for the most time. As for the erotic part, well, I really can't complain on that, there was plenty of that. I hope that in third book we'll get more action, because I think paranormal books need it.

I would recommend this book to fans of Unexpected Love and sweet romance.

My favorite naughty quotes :D

“Ok, I am up for a Coney dog.” Maybe even your dog. Damn it, I need to stop this.


I watched him walk away and now I know why they say, “I have been rode hard and put up wet”, ok well the “put up wet” part. My panties were soaked and I wanted to be rode hard by that man.


The way he circles his hips and rubs his penis against me, it is really making me rethink this waiting until marriage thing. I don’t think I can last that long, Lord help me.





  1. Ooo first book tour!! I'm not a big fan of Adult Romance, especially when you mentioned "erotic romance" but I'm glad you liked it :) I'm kinda having a bad reading streak right now but hopefully I will find something good very soon.

    1. Hehehhe, I love adult books :) I got too many ARCs and I'm really busy, I even didn't have a time to write my post for that award. I read, eat and sleep :D Oh, that really sucks, I hope you'll find something good soon. Maybe Angelfall by Susan Ee? I have seen a bunch of great reviews on Goodreads. All my friends liked it.

  2. I love that GIF where they're grinding hips together. Hahahaha. Sexy and funny.

    Thanks for visiting Thoughts and Pens!

  3. Okay, so it's not my usual genre, but the pretty little liars gif. Favourite scene. Ever. Well, other than Dirty Dancing. ;) Glad you kind-of enjoyed it, though.