Review: Restraint by Charlotte Stein

07 March 2014


A new erotic romance novella by bestselling author Charlotte Stein.
Marnie Lewis is certain that one of her friends – handsome but awkward Brandon – hates her guts. The last thing she wants to do is go on a luscious weekend away with him and a few other buddies, to a cabin in the woods. But when she catches Brandon doing something very dirty after a night spent listening to her relate some of her sexcapades to everyone, she can’t resist pushing his buttons a little harder. He might seem like a prude, but Marnie suspects he likes a little dirty talk. And Marnie has no problems inciting his long dormant desires


Ever since reading Control, I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Stein. Naturally, I had a high hopes for Restraint and it didn't disappoint me. I only wish the story was a bit longer, because it was really short and I had a feeling that something was missing, it just wasn't enough for me. I needed more of Mallory and Artie. In that case this would be a five stars book for me.

When her best friend James informed Mallory that his friend Artie would join them on their vacation, she knew she could erase immediately all thoughts of great fun from her brain. Although he tried to convince her that Artie didn't secretly hate her she knew he was lying. But she had no idea she was about to discover the real reason for his strange behavior toward her, that had a nothing to do with hate and everything with his restraint, because Mallory had a dirty mouth that left him hot and bothered. He was an uptight boy and the only way he had found to deal with it was being a jerk to Mallory. And the girl knew how to provoke him, but he didn't know how to resist...


I had so much fun reading Restraint. Once again I fell in love with Charlotte's writing style and the main characters. I noticed a pattern in her books: the main male character is usually the passive one, ashamed of his own desires and the female is the one who teaches him how to embrace his sexuality. I loved it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love dominant bastards, but that thing is getting old and sometimes a little change is a great way to expand your horizons a bit. I especially love doing it while reading erotic romance fiction. *grins*


I would recommend Restraint to fans of well-written erotic fiction. This is definitely not my last book from Charlotte Stein. I'm planning to read her other works and I'm looking forward to it.

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