Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014

23 December 2013

The Dystopian Reading Challenge is hosted by Blog of Erised for all lovers of Dystopian books. The goal is to read 24 books in 2014, 2 per month, but you are free to  set your own goal and read less or more books. At the end of the year there will be a giveaway with great prizes.

Level 1: Recruit (1 to 6 books)
Level 2: Rebel (7 to 12 books)
Level 3: Revolutionist (13 to 18 books)
Level 4: Leader (19+ books)

Each time you reach a new level, you will receive a badge.

You can read rules HERE.

This is my first time participating in a reading challenge and I'm so excited. I'm looking forward to reading more Dystopian novels next year.  My goal will be level Revolutionist.

Thank you Ula for hosting this challenge!


  1. Oh man, that sounds fun. I have been looking around for some good 2014 reading challenges to push me read more books across different genres. I should probably look into this :P

    Angel @ Spare Reads

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