Review: As You Are by Ethan Day

12 December 2013

Title: As You Are
Author: Ethan Day
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Operation Danny…that’s all bartender and recent college graduate, Julian Hallowell has had on his mind the past year. Julian may have no idea what he wants to do with his life, but he definitely knows he‘s in love with the boy next door: The one in next room to be exact, his roommate Danny Wallace.
Danny owns a used text book store just off campus and while Julian has done his level best to make Danny fall for him, all his hard work appears to have been in vain. Danny doesn’t seem to view Julian as anything other than that…a roommate and friend. So when new guy in town Andy Baker asks him out on a date, Julian can’t seem to think of a good reason to say no.
Julian has already instituted a Reverse Operation Danny plan, which he’s positive will purge all thoughts of love and lust for his roomie out of his head. He’s ready to move on and start looking for his next Mr. Right, and Andy just might fit the bill. 

Jullian Hallowel bartender slash college graduate has been pining for his roommate Danny Wallace for over a year now.And enough is enough.Faced with the fact that his feelings will never be returned he sets in motion “operation reverse Danny”in hopes of forgetting and moving on to his happily ever after. In comes the charming new guy Andy Baker and Julian just might have a chance. Or will he? 

I got to stop trusting blurbs.

My opinion of Danny (blurb Danny) was that of a sweet oblivious hetero, who never gets that his gay roommate is flirting with him.

That was not the case.


Danny is portrayed as, and I quote: “ A walking hard on,always on the prowl for some boy band wannabe to bed for the night”

While Julian was exactly like I imagined him, sassy, hilarious and every inch,to the hilt unapologetic about himself. "Julian you're my son,and i love you more then my own life. But,honey,you're a flake"

 I loved "Julie's" mom, while the story was to short for any significant side character detail she still managed to shine.
 "People don't come in the perfect mold that you're out looking for.You keep expecting to find something that doesn't exist. There isn't a person in the world who isn't going to come with some type of baggage or an aspect of their personality that you're going to have to make concessions for. Relationships are compromise." 
Mama Hallowell knows her stuff.
 I deliberately avoided talking about Andy, because...well, you'll find out.
This might be the most amusing romance triangle i ever read (there should be more like this)

Story is told from Julian's point of view which is perfect since his side-splitting antics and quick-witted thoughts will keep you laughing till you cry.
There was some confusion with all the flashback since they cut into the main story but nothing to bad or unreadable.

The story breezed by while i was chasing the end. It was perfect but also a little dismayed since it left me yearning for more.
Indubitably,there should be a sequel( or at least that’s what I'm hoping for)

It was a fun story, just right for one those hard days when nothing seems to work out. After you read this book the world will seem a little brighter.

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