Review: White Walls by Lauren Hammon

21 December 2013

Title: White Walls (Asylum #2)
Author: Lauren Hammond
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Adelaide Carmichael knows that she's lost her mind.

She's aware that she's being sent to The Oakhill Institution, but she's been told that she's being sent there to get better. She's been told that the staff is there to help.

And it doesn't take Adelaide long to discover that she was very, very wrong about The Oakhill Institution. Patients roam the halls like zombies. Electric currents vibrate through the plaster walls. Patients are fed sedatives like mashed potatoes and now Adelaide knows one thing for sure, she wants out.

And she'll do whatever she can to escape.

This book took my breath away. Lauren Hammond did it again. I am even more in love with this series after reading this sequel . This book isn't such a mind-fuck as the previous one. I had only few WFT moments. In White Walls some things were finally explained. We  found out what happened with Adelaide after Damien was murdered, how she ended at the  Oakhill Institution for mentally unstable people, how she managed to escape it with Aurora's help  and how she fell in love with Dr. Watson. I admired her strength and will. Poor girl went through a lot of things at such a young age. Life  was never easy for her, but what made my heart ache the most was the heart-breaking realization that her Daddy had never loved her.It was just too much to read about it. I felt like her pain was mine. I simply connected with her at deep level which  is one of my favorite things I like to do while I'm reading. It made me love this book eternally. After  shocking discovery what really had  happened to her mother and the  death of her beloved Damien she lost her sanity.

This book made me think about mentally unstable people. You know they exist but most people don't pay attention to them, we are happy that they are locked up somewhere where they are no longer a treat to us sane people. They are marginalized and forgotten  by society.  And that is just sad. I wonder to they get the right kind of help? In my mind it is very similar to this book: “To most of society being crazy is like a virus. If we're out and about in public people think they can catch the craziness from us or something. It's much easier for them to separate us and forget we ever existed. ...“It’s like we're tossed out trash.”

Although there was a romance in the first book, dear Lord, it can't be compared to this one. I'm sorry Damien, but I prefer Dr. Watson. He won my heart.

"You're going to sleep with me?”
“For medicinal purposes only, of course.”

“God.” His voice is husky, needy. “Why do you do this to me?”
I play innocent. “Do what?”
“It's like every time you’re near I have to hold myself back.”
“From?” I probe.

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading about unusual romance, mental illnesses, strong female characters and don't mind if the book is messing with their mind a little. Hmm, actually, I would recommend this book to everyone because it's amazing, but don't trust me on a word, go forth and read it. At the end I will share with you my favorite memorable quote. Don't waste your precious time to things that don't make you happy!

Some people think time is a waste. But not to me. Time is a gift. Something to be treasured and never taken for granted. Something that's more precious than any dollar a person could spend. Why?
Because you never know how much time a person has left.
It can be taken away in an instant. In a heartbeat.


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  1. This book sounds very scary. I might give it a try (man... my TBR is totally exploding...)